Kim Randrup, Stockholm Stroke Organisation

Tactsenze- a startup creating tools for tactile communication

Below you can read about how all started. Now we’re moving forward with a new tactile innovation & protoype- Tactdance! Kim, a stroke victim above has tried out and given praise to our new prototype.We’ve just gotten a glowing report from the Stockholm County Council Innovation Department which indicated a range of practical uses for this technique in helping stroke and other debilitated patients to recover muscle use & coordination.


We made history!  You’re a professional musician and dream of playing in a symphony orchestra. But you can’t see the conductor because you’re visually impaired. With Tactsenze technique it’s now possible.

Wu Jing a blind flutist played with the Stockholm Royal Philharmonic, a world first – thanks to Tactsenze

But it’s not only musicians which can benefit. Tactsenze technology is applicable in a variety of instances where assistance is necessary in communication between a sighted instructor and a visually impaired individual. Think Tai-chi, yoga, dance, art, sport and even reading. A new world of interactive activity opens.

Our team won the 2015 Stockholm Innovation Award for cultural and creative industry.

The Tactsenze protoype is up and running and we plan to bring it to market in 2018. We’re in the early stages of development and we’ve already proven it works great for musicians. That’s not enough. We want to bring a multi-purpose tool to millions of visually impaired people everywhere.

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The 10th of November 2016 a film about how Tactsenze came about was aired on Swedish National Television, SVT2. The documentary has worldwide distribution through ZED.fr  and sold to 12 countries so far.

See the trailer here:  Touch the Music trailer

The Project

Wu Jing is a professional flutist and blind. Her dream- to be able to play in a symphony orchestra. Without being able to see the the conductor that remained a dream, until this year in mid-May.

In front of an audience of 3000 at Stockholms Konserthus Wu Jing reached her dream- she performed with the entire Stockholm Royal Philharmonic orchestra –thanks to Tactsenze.

With support from the City of Stockholm and the Swedish National Musical endowment we put together a dream team of inventors, designers, engineers, programmers, and musicians. Two years later the Tactsenze prototype made its debut.


The Technique

Tactsenze is a new method for instruction through feeling. An infrared camera captures a video signal from a light diode placed in the conductor’s baton. It’s then transferred and converted to tactile impulses felt on the musician’s skin, under the foot. The musician can read these impulses and ”see” the conductor- in almost real-time.

Tactsenze Animation



We’ve been video documenting the Tactsenze development process for almost three years. A TV documentary ”Wu Jing’s Impossible Dream” was aired on Swedish National Television (SVT2) in November 2016 . Our worldwide distributor is ZED (www.zed.fr ) for the international version ”Touch the Music”, now sold to 9 countries, as well as to the Chinese National Television. Versions are available in french and english – both available with audio description.


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Are you interested in the Tactsenze project? Get in touch! Since we’re a new startup we’re always looking for advice, input, and development partners. There are more than 250 million visually impaired worldwide. Our goal- simplify daily life and widen their scope of activity.

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