Tactsenze Displays at Int’l Tactile Reading Fair in Sweden


An International Tactile Exposition for Braille & Graphics for Children and Youth was held April 5-7th in Stockholm. Tactsenze had a stand where we displayed our new tactile communication device. Though we’re in the prototype stage, we’re moving forward toward a product for market. We had a great response, as many visually impaired participants tested our prototype, gasping ”wow”. Beside laughing as they were lightly tickled on their foot by the technique, those who tested the device provided valuable feedback. At the same time a number of textile communication researchers and their institutions came up to establish contact.

Tactile mässa demo2

Ric demonstrates Tactsenze for a visually impaired participant at the Tactile Fair

Meeting with Swedish National Organisations for Visually Impaired and Deaf-Blind

The Tactsenze project organized a meeting with:

  • NKCDB (Swedish National Knowledge Centre for the Deaf-Blind)
  • FSDB ( Swedish National Deaf-Blind Association),
  • MSM (Swedish  Gov’t  Agency for Accessible Media),
  • SRF (Swedish National Org. for the Visually Impaired),
  • SPSM (National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools),

…as well as several visually impaired musicians. These are the authorities on the direction we should go with Tactsenze technique in future. They’re also the future customers of a product we develop. What a brainstorming session! Many ideas came forth and we’ll surely be meeting again to follow up.


Tactsenze demo


Tactsenze demo at World Congress of Science and Factual Producers, Stockholm

Dec 5-9 we demonstrated Tactsenze at the World Congress of Science and Factual Producers in Stockholm. Dozens of people tested being a visually impaired musician. Lots of interest, especially when  ZED film distribution company agent Valérie Arbita presented the film Feel the Music ( the int’l title of Wu Jing’s impossible Dream, aired recently on Swedish National TV.

So if you see the above ”box” the  foot goes on to test the technique, you can understand we’ve got to get everything smaller and into a shoe so one can move around while getting tactile instruction on how to dance, do yoga, tai chi etc.

The journey begins

Wow- what a journey, and it’s really just begun, though we’ve passed the three year mark already. Deep Sea Productions did a masterful job on the documentary film”Feel the Music” (”Wu Jings Omöjliga Dröm”). There you can see the trials and tribulations in the development of Tactsenze technique. The film recently aired on Swedish National Television (SVT 2), and in a few weeks the international version will be on the way to 8 more TV stations, including China’s CCTV. See here: Film

Now Runo Andersson the inventor of Tactsenze and me, the project manager have to transform the pretty bulky prototype to a product for the market- muuuuch easier said than done. I’ll come back to that soon…

But first, an endorsement from the leading distributor of visual aids in Sweden:

Jörgen Andersén, CEO, Iris Hjälpmedel


”In our branch we’re used to incremental improvements in our existing line of products.
Tactsenze technique can lead the way for an entirely new aid for the visually impaired.”