Kim Randrup, Chairman of the Stockholm Stroke organisation tries new Tactsenze prototype



I met recently with Kim Randrup. Kim suffered a massive stroke 13 years ago which paralyzed his left side. He’s been determined and focused on his self-rehabilitation and has now regained most his coordination. It’s all about  motivation, he says.


Kim Randrup, chairman, Stockholm Stroke Organisation

Kim tested our Tactdance prototype which sends pre-programmed tactile impulses to the legs. Follow the impulse pattern which is matched to a salsa music beat and you can soon dance the salsa. That’s the idea, but it goes slowly for those who’ve had a stroke. Kim smiles as his legs sway back and forth. Could the Tactdance system become a complement to the usual rehab program for stroke sufferers?

”Of course!” says Kim.  ”Physical training is usually very boring. It assumes people are machines. Motivation is the most important key to success. Combining physical training through tactile stimulation in a music and dance program creates an enjoyable experience. I think with this we would become more motivated to continue to train, and to train more often.”

The Stockholm Stroke Organization will soon have a get together where members, all of them stroke sufferers will have a chance to test the Tactdance prototype and give us their comments and suggestions for its further development.




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