Tactsenze – creating tools for communication through touch

Wu Jing & Tactsenze play with the Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

You’re a professional musician who dreams of playing in an orchestra, but you can’t see the conductor because of your vision impairment. This is no longer a hinder thanks to Tactsenze technology. Your dream can now become reality. Wu Jing, a blind flutist played with the Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra aided by Tactsenze,  and proved it. We made history!

Tactsenze technique can be used for more than a music related tool. It can be used for instruction in dance, yoga, art and other areas where there is a need for communication through touch for those with a visual impairment.

In 2015 Tactsenze won the Stockholm Innovation Award in the category Cultural & Creative sphere.

Our prototype is ready and we are have now designed a new prototype to aid stroke sufferers walk properly again.

Tactsense winsTactsenze team wins Stockholm Innovation Award